Thursday, February 12, 2009


I gotta call a spade a of my esteemed colleagues in this blogging world has offered up a cheap ruse in order to get people to roll-over like trained dogs to get a story out of her. Now I must admit, she is a fantastic story-teller; one much better than yours truly. However, I call you out now Mambo for your underhanded attempt at getting comments! 

(although I must say, it's kinda worked...hmph) (and no I don't want to hear the story)

This upcoming weekend is of course Valentine's and so I feel compelled to write something about all that jazz. I could go with the traditional single guy angle of pink hearts and overpriced dates being for sissies. Or we could go with the almost equally as overplayed over-theological thoughts on the whole thing. Really though, I have no idea where this post is gonna let's go!

I once again don't have a date for Valentine's Day, and I'm not sure if one is supposed to endeavor to have one, or if that is viewed as incredible cheesy and cliche. Either way, it's just a weird place to be in at 26 and single and graduated from college, but not really that that is anything terribly out of the ordinary but being in Christian community makes it difficult. So many of my contemporaries are seriously dating, engaged, or now married. The great thing about my position is that I can hopefully break some of the perceptions about Christians getting married too young and too quickly. I know that many of my relatives feel that way and that many people in the world feel that way. 

The exciting thing about the singleness is that there is really almost more opportunity to follow God's will! I know that at this point in my life I wouldn't mind a girl, but also I don't mind not having one. Life would be great, life would also be more complicated. So with all that being said, who really cares about Valentine's except for sissies and Hallmark? 

Well I apologize, but this post really didn't have a whole lot of anything to it. However, it's better than a teaser that really isn't a teaser and is really just a cheap trick to get people to comment. Mambo...


Kathy said...

Enjoy being single....Vday is not all it's cracked up to be! From the mom of the teaser.

Chad said...

Thanks Kathy! Being single truly is an unrealized blessing...but I love it since it's where God has me.